We offer a free dog food delivery service within Galway City. We also deliver nationwide (rates apply). Free Shipping on orders over 100€. Please email us at info@belcandodogfoodireland.com or call 086 0613974 for more information.

Three dogs by a christmas tree

"We have three dogs, Jake is an English Bulldog, Diego is an Old English Bulldog and Gizmo is a Pug Mix. All three of them have sensitive stomachs. Finding a food that suited them all was really hard. A friend recommended Hounddog Dog Grooming to us. They gave us great advice and now all three dogs are on the same food, Belcando Adult Active and their sensitive bellies love it! We will never change from Belcando dog food. We can't thank Hounddog Dog Grooming enough for their help and support. They provide a wonderful service, that no one else does, to our city of Galway and we are forever grateful to them."
Hugh and Sandra.