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Tails of Halloween Hounds



Rudolph Valentino, also known in Hollywood as the "Latin Lover" was a movie actor in the 1920s. Valentino was given an Alsatian Doberman puppy as a gift from a Belgian diplomat and fan. He named the dog Kabar. Valentino was immediately smitten with Kabar. The two formed a deep bond and were inseparable. They went everywhere together and where ever they were staying they slept in the same room. 

Valentino died in New York in 1926. It is said that at the time of his death, Kabar who was 3,000 miles away, let out a horrible howl. Kabar died in 1929 and was laid to rest at the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery. Since then visitors to the cemetery report hearing barking and panting near Kabar's grave. Some say they have even been licked on the hand!

Valentino and his beloved Kabar.


Poogan the Porch Dog


In Charleston, South Carolina in the 1970s, a street dog named Poogan would wander from house to house eating whatever food he was given. He napped on any porch he pleased, but his favourite porch was that of a mansion at 72 Queen Street. He loved the owners there, as they fed and treated him well. However, one day they sold up and moved on. Poogan continued to sleep on the porch. Eventually, the mansion became a restaurant and Poogan was allowed to continue napping there. He took on the job of greeting the customers as they entered the restaurant. Poogan died in 1979, however many diners have reported hearing barking as they enter the restaurant and the feeling of a small dog brush against their legs as they eat. 

Some employees say that on hot sunny afternoons, they have seen Poogan sleeping in his spot on the porch!

 Poogan's Grave.


The Ghost of the Black Dog

 Tales of the Black Dog are found in the folklore of both Ireland and the British Isles. The Black Dog is a nocturnal apparition best described as a ghost or supernatural hellhound. It's appearance is regarded as a portent of death. It is generally supposed to be larger than a normal dog and often has large glowing eyes. 

The Black Dog is generally regarded as sinister or malevolent and is said to be directly harmful. However, some Black Dogs are said to behave benevolently. Some, known as guardian dogs guide travellers at night onto the right path or guard them from danger.

In Irish folklore, the Black Dog is regarded as a "frequenter and protector" of fairy sites. The same dog, though not always a danger to people if left alone, can be seen over several generations in the same location and is often immobile and massive in size but just watches menacingly!

The Ghost of The Black Dog.



Fifty years ago, in a Nashville neighbourhood on Halloween night, Preston the boxer, was out walking with a group of trick or treaters. One young boy dropped some sweets as he was crossing the road. As he bent down to pick them up, a car came speeding towards him. Preston dashed into the road and knocked the boy out of harm's way, saving his life. Unfortunately, Preston got hit by the car. The high speed impact threw the Boxer high in the air and it  seemed at the time, that he had landed in a nearby garden. However, after much searching, the body of Preston was mysteriously never found.

Now, locals report that every Halloween there have been sightings of Preston, gently bumping any trick or treater who wander too close to the road, back onto the safety of the foot path!



 The Blue Dog Legend

The Blue Dog Legend dates back to the 1700s in Port Tobacco, Maryland and is said to be the oldest ghost story in America.

Soldier Charles Sims had just come into some wealth. He and his faithful dog, a Blue Tick Hound, went to one of the local watering holes to celebrate. After copious amounts of alcohol, Sims began to boast of his riches. As Sims and his dog left the establishment, they were followed by a man named Henry Hanos, who wanted to rob Sims of his fortune. A fight ensued on Rose Hill Road and sadly Sims and his Blue Dog were killed. 

Hanos took the fortune and buried it beneath a nearby holly tree. When he returned a few days later to dig it up,  he was met by the ghost of The Blue Dog. Petrified by this sight, he fled the scene.

To this day, locals say that every February 8th, on the anniversary of the robbery, The Blue Dog can be heard howling by the tree, waiting for his master to return for his treasure!

 The Blue Dog 



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